Guy holding a very large fish.

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful vacation destination full of stunning coastline, towering pine trees and redwoods, and plentiful opportunity for outdoor sport. When you book your stay with Starfish Vacation Rentals, you’ll be sure to feel right at home tucked away in Manzanita, Oregon. Manzanita is a beautiful little coastal town that will allow you to experience everything the state of Oregon is known for: from its homey hospitality and welcoming people to the famous Oregon Coast where you can have your feet in the sand or atop a mountain in a matter of hours. When you rent with Starfish Vacation Rentals, you’ll have the choice of staying somewhere oceanfront, a spot with a view of the coast, a pet-friendly property, or a condo, so you’ll be able to have everything you need for the perfect stay in the area. For the fishing enthusiast, you’re in luck—fishing in Manzanita, Oregon, is a fantastic way to experience the coast. With local guides and services, you’ll be sure to have the best fishing experience you’ve ever had. These are the best ways to go fishing in Manzanita, Oregon.

Garibaldi Charters

Starfish Vacation Rentals highly recommends the services of Garibaldi Charters, making them one of the best guide services to take you fishing. With Garibaldi Charters, you’ll be able to experience everything the Oregon coast has to offer you, with options for every type of fish enthusiast. You can choose your excursion, from Deep Reef Lingcod and Rockfish with Crabbing to Light-Tackle Bottom Fishing and Crabbing, which is geared toward families with children. Depending on the time of year you visit Manzanita, there are also summer-only fishing excursions. And if you’re not into catching fish, but still want to experience the Oregon coast with Garibaldi Charters, you can also choose their Whale Watching expedition (seasonally offered)!

Fish the Swing

Fish the Swing is also highly recommended by Starfish Vacation Rentals to take you fishing when you stay with us in Manzanita, Oregon. Their fishing excursions change with the seasons, focusing on the rivers of Northern Oregon, rather than the coastline. Prepare yourself to float the Nehalem or Trask Rivers in the winter and spring to fish for steelhead, a coveted catch here on the Oregon Coast. Fish the Swing can also take you fishing in the Willamette Valley, and allow you to experience everything this beautiful state and its natural landscape has to offer, from the cool mornings of the winter and spring seasons to the lower Deschutes River of the summer and fall. Fish the Swing has the goal of teaching you to fish in a way you can understand, even if it’s your first time on the water so that you can get the most out of your experience. They will take you out on a jet boat, drift boat, or raft so that you can get to the best areas for the excursion you choose, and then you’ll learn how to best catch fish!

Starfish Vacation Rentals

Fishing on the Oregon Coast is one of the best ways to experience the area. From the stunning Oregon Coastline to Oregon’s famous rivers, a stay with Starfish Vacation Rentals will allow you access to the best fishing around Manzanita, Oregon. You’re sure to feel right at home here when you find the best vacation rental for your travel style, and you’ll truly want to spend all of your days out on the water and return to Oregon for years to come.