Winter storm on the Oregon Coast.

For some destinations, natural wonders like the aurora borealis or Old Faithful might be what draws visitors from far and wide. However, we like to do things differently on the Oregon Coast. The natural feature that brings guests to our stretch of coastline is winter storms. If you’re interested in witnessing this marvel of the sea and sky, check out some of the best places to watch winter storms on the Oregon Coast. Plus, get a preview of where to find the best rental homes in the area.

Come and Watch Winter Storms on the Oregon Coast

To an outsider, looking for (what some may consider) bad weather might seem counterintuitive. However, that’s because they’ve never seen a storm on the Oregon Coast. Raging winds and rains churn the waters of the Pacific Ocean, creating a powerful, dramatic sight. We have guests who visit every year just to watch the amazing show that the world puts on.

The Best Time to Storm Watch on the Oregon Coast

If there’s one thing that remains a constant about the weather, it’s that it’s completely unpredictable. What may seem like the perfect weekend for storm watching could turn clear at the last moment. So when is storm season on the Oregon Coast? Generally, the storm-watching season on the Oregon Coast lasts from November until February. 

Where to Go to Watch for Storms

If you were to ask five residents the best place to go for storm-watching, you’d get five different answers. Typically, however, these spots are considered some of the best for winter storms:

  • Cannon Beach: There’s nothing quite like seeing the waves crashing against Haystack Rock during a raucous storm. That, plus its laid-back vibe and wonderful coffee shops, is why Cannon Beach is one of the best towns for storm-watching on the Oregon Coast.
  • Ecola State Park: Enjoy a gorgeous view of Indian Beach from Ecola State Park. It is known as one of the best places to visit if you’re interested in getting some great snapshots of the region.
  • Oswald State Park: Whether you’re watching the weather from the top of Neahkahnie Mountain or you’re watching the action at Smugglers Cove, there are plenty of places to enjoy the Oregon Coast storms at Oswald State Park.
  • Depoe Bay: Known as the whale-watching capital of the Oregon Coast, Depoe Bay also happens to be a great place to watch storms. This town boasts a large seawall that runs the length of the downtown area. During the windy weather, water can burst up to 60 feet in the air. Nearby Cape Foulweather (which is named that for a very good reason) is another excellent scenic viewpoint.

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