Oregon coast inlet and rocky shore.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, the Oregon Coast truly has something for everyone. Those looking for outdoor recreation can spend an entire day hiking through a State Park or surfing the Pacific’s thrilling waves, and a variety of wildlife facilities including aquariums, preserves, and zoos are ideal for animal-lovers. No matter what you choose to explore, we guarantee a trip to the coast will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime! Here are some of the best Oregon Coast attractions.

Our Favorite Oregon Coast Attractions

Sea Lion Caves: Sea Lion Caves is a private wildlife preserve in Florence, OR, and is the largest sea cave in America. It’s home to a colony of sea lions and a diverse array of other creatures, including seabirds and whales. Here, guests can watch incredible species come and go as they please and learn more about the animal’s natural habitat.

Oregon Coast Aquarium: This 23-acre facility in Newport, Oregon, is a wonderful place to bring the kids and is home to everything from birds and fish to seals and sea lions. The aquarium offers a variety of exhibits, educational programs, and tours that help the public to better understand marine life and to inspire them to conserve the coast’s unique ecosystems.

Oregon Coast Glassworks: For a unique experience you’ll never forget, head to this gallery in Newport where you can take glassblowing classes, watch free glassblowing demonstrations, and peruse a gift gallery full of beautiful sculptures, handcrafted jewelry, and other special items from local artists.

Devil’s Punch Bowl: Known for its hollow rock formation that’s shaped like a giant punch bowl, this State Park in Otter Rock, Oregon, offers sea caves, tide pools, and trails that are just waiting to be explored. The park is also a popular whale watching site and has a scenic picnic spot that sits atop the rocky shoreline.

Oregon Dunes: Located in Reedsport, Oregon, this National Recreation Area features over 40 miles of wind-sculpted sand dunes and is the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America. This area is famous for its thrilling off-highway vehicle use, but guests can also enjoy hiking, paddling, wildlife viewing, and camping on the sand.

West Coast Game Park Safari: With Bengal tigers, snow leopards, reindeer, and more, the West Coast Game Park Safari is one of the coolest Oregon Coast attractions in Brandon, OR. This 21-acre walk-through zoo has over 35 species of animals, many of which are free-roaming. Be sure to check out the park’s ambassador animals, where visitors can pet, play, and get up-close and personal with incredible wildlife species.

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