Crab claw, some of the best seafood on the Oregon CoastThe Oregon Coast is known for its delicious seafood. Our guests often ask us where to find the freshest, in-season varieties. We asked our friends at Ecola Seafoods in Cannon Beach for some ideas on where to find the best seafood on the Oregon coast:

  • Look for local, sustainable fishing practices. Be a part of keeping our oceans and fish healthy.
  • Learn when varieties of fish are in season. This helps ensure your choices are as fresh as possible.
  • Ask for cooking tips from the fishmonger. High quality seafood showcases itself without complicated cooking techniques, and the experts where you buy your seafood should guide you to find the right balance of seasonings.

Oregon Coast Seafood Seasons

Some of the favorites you can find on the Oregon Coast are Wild Troll-Line Caught Chinook Salmon, Dungeness Crab, and Albacore Tuna.

  • Crab season should open January 1st! Dungeness Crab makes for wonderful holiday parties and dinners.
  • Chinook Salmon season opens in March, and runs through November.
  • Albacore Tuna season runs from July through mid-October.

Try A Crab Melt!

Ecola Seafoods has been supplying locals and visitors alike with freshly caught seafood since 1993. They offer dine-in options (hint: try a cup of their homemade clam chowder, along with the local’s favorite-a crab melt). Or grab the fresh catch of the day to cook at home.

Take advantage of an easy way to enjoy fresh crab: A crab melt!

Crab melts are simple to make and delicious! Simply take a toasted English muffin, add your favorite Thousand Island dressing, add crab, top it with cheddar cheese, then broil it to melty perfection.

A Gift for you From Ecola Seafoods:

Ecola Seafoods has generously offered a $5.00 gift certificate for guests checking into one of our homes from January 19th to February 29th, 2016. See for yourself how delicious Oregon Coast seafood really is!
Photo Credit: konmesa | Thinkstock